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安彦 年朗 オンライン展示会 2024

「安彦 年朗」展 オンラインショップにて特別開催

WISE・WISE tools Online Shop 限定にてご販売いたします。

■開催場所:WISE・WISE tools Online Shop
■開催期間:前半 2024年3月15日(金)11:00スタート 売り切れ次第終了
      後半 2024年3月26日(火)15:00スタート 売り切れ次第終了



■ 安彦 年朗 / Toshiro Abiko
木工作家 Wooden crafts

We are pleased to announce the exhibition “ABIKO, Toshiro” at WISE-WISE tools Online Store from March 15 (Fri.).
We will introduce a variety of Toshiro’s spoons with several motifs including numbers, alphabets, plants, and everyday tools.
We hope you will take this opportunity to enjoy his playful works.

Details of the exhibition
Venue: WISE-WISE tools Online Store

Period: The first half of the exhibition starts on March 15, 2024 (Fri.) at 11:00 a.m. and will end as soon as the exhibited items are sold out.
The second half is scheduled for April or later and will be announced here as soon as it is determined.

We would appreciate it if you understand the remarks below.
※ Pay by credit card, please. We are sorry to say that your order will be cancelled if any other payment method is chosen.
※ We cannot accept cancellations or changes to orders after they have been confirmed.
※ We will not be able to ship the items, which are additionally ordered following the first order, in the same parcel since we ship items in the order they were ordered. Please understand this in advance.
※ The delivery will take longer than usual.
※ Access to our site is expected to be concentrated immediately after the start of sales.

We would suggest that you run through the “User’s Guide” and “Frequently Asked Questions” in advance.

Toshiro wandered around in Nepal and India, and then lived for ten
years in Spain when he was young.(He is now based in Ibaraki prefecture.)
Through such overseas experiences,he developed his own aesthetic that is reflected in his works.
Toshiro wishes to make only the items beloved by many people for a long time.


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