特別開催 - GGGの仕事展 Online

生島賢さん、明水(はるみ)さん夫妻のガラス工房“GORILLA GLASS GARAGE”(GGG)。

「GGGの仕事展」オンラインショップにて特別開催 2020年4月3日(金)-16日(木)まで、東京ミッドタウン店頭にて開催を予定しておりました、「GGGの仕事展 vol.3」出展作品の一部を、オンラインショップにて特別販売いたします。
西伊豆にガラス工房“GORILLA GLASS GARAGE”(GGG)を構える、生島賢さん、明水(はるみ)さん夫妻による、みて楽しい、使って楽しいガラス作品展。

Exhibition of GGG’s works vol.3” is now taking place in the online shop The titled exhibition, which had been originally scheduled to be held at WISE-WISE tools in Tokyo Midtown at Roppongi from April 3rd to 16th, was cancelled under the circumstances. Some of the items for the exhibition, however, are now available from our online shop.
Ken and Harumi IKUSHIMA are the owners of a glass crafts studio “GORILLA GLASS GARAGE (GGG)” located in Nishi Izu in the Izu peninsula near Tokyo. Their glass crafts are fun to look at and to use. On top of popular regular items, new ones like teacups and tea utensils are on sale.